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My Nicky 
4th-May-2006 12:10 pm
My Nicky...
He's so talkative. It's great. Some things he says are actually understandable. My favorite is "mom", "momma", "mommy", obviously. But he'll wake up from his nap and if I don't get him out of his crib right away, he'll start yelling, "mom." It's great! He's so smart. Drives me crazy sometimes, though. He'll turn the tv off on me, or try to stick cds into the dvd player(even if there's already a disc in there). He also likes to pick up and throw everything into the garbage can. Worse he'll sometimes take stuff back out of the garbage can.
He likes to blow kisses. He copies everything I do, and loves it even more when I copy him. He'll give your real hugs and kisses(open mouth of course). He usually likes to give you kisses on the lips and will try to hunt out your mouth if you should offer your cheek. He'll take you by the hand and guide you to the things he wants. Or to the door because he wants to go out and play. He'll take your hand and have you do things. He likes to run his finger across his lip to make sounds and he'll take your hand to make you do it to him too.. or to yourself.
He has the cutest expressions and the most adorable(sometimes mischievous) laugh. He loves to ride his tricycle and quad, especially outside. He really loves tractor rides. He loves to be read to, but he also likes to read you stories. He loves cars.. or "vrooms" as he calls them.
He's growing up so fast and I love every moment spent with him. Even if he drives me a little crazy. :)
9th-May-2006 04:13 am (UTC) - Nicky
The other day, when we had him,he came into the livingroom(I had just gone upstairs for a potty break)and he didn't know where I had gone....he started hollering,"Nanna"! There is no doubt that that I'm Nanna to him.Dee and I weren"t sure what to call me...I guess he straightened that all out didn't he?He was hollering for You yesterday when I put him to bed for his nap.He thought he should be allowed to stay up,but he was obviously VERY tired.He sure doesn't want to miss a single thing! Won't he enjoy the Antique tractor show this Spring and fall?!The spring one is comming up here in a few weeks......I think Susan said the 1st weekend of June....I'll double check that .Hope you are off at least a couple days for it. Us girls can take Nick to see it.He'll love it! Love2
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