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30th-Apr-2006 02:59 pm - Nicholas
God... I was looking at Nicholas' old pictures from when he was first born. I miss him being so small, it went by so fast. I wish I could have taken more time to enjoy it... Although I suppose I'm going to think that no matter what, because I actually was a huge part of his life from birth until nine months of age. I was around him nearly 24/7 back then. I'm still a big influence on him now, I just don't want to miss him growing up. Anyways since I haven't been posting pictures of Nicholas lately I made a photo album from when he turned a year until now, so check it out. It's located in the sidebar of my livejournal page. Also I'm working on making another photo album that has some of his best photos since birth until current. Well here's the link for the current photo album right now: Nicholas' Photo Album
16th-Apr-2006 10:45 pm - Easter '06
Wow. I have had a fantastic weekend and a really great Easter. My EasterCollapse )

10th-Apr-2006 09:28 am - Girly Quiz
Apparently, this will tell you how girly you are
Put x's beside each thing that's true. Each x that you put is one percent. Have fun!!

Quiz Under CutCollapse )
32% Girly, eh? Sounds about right. I know guys who do some of that stuff, so what does that say about them? :)
9th-Apr-2006 06:48 pm - The Weekend
I had a fucking awesome weekend. Perhaps the best part was at Denny's at like 4 in the morning. I got to play with real hand cuffs courtesy of Travis. He knew a cop that was there. Fucking awesome, that's all I'm going to say. ;)
3rd-Apr-2006 07:49 pm - Very Interesting
Check out the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of me. The first one is about six months after I had Nick and the second is me now. In not even a year I was not only back to my old size but smaller. I'm so proud of myself.
Pictures under CutCollapse )
2nd-Apr-2006 10:38 pm - I love My NEW PLACE!
Well Nick and I are moved into our new place. It's so nice being on our own again. It's good for Nick and I. I feel like "Mommy" again. It's so nice. I made our first real meal tonight. Not that we haven't been eating, but it's all been simplistic meals. Tonight I made my own meal. It was chicken breast cut up in pieces, with some noodles covered in some chessy sauce and rice. Put together into a type of casserole. It was good. Nick seemed to like it.
Yeah I had Nick all weekend again... for the fifth weekend in a row. Still not getting child support. Have a hearing over that matter on Thursday. Dan says he's filing his taxes today and then he'll pay the back child support with that. It'd be real nice if he did. Nick and I could really use it. Oh and he filed a petition to get his "child support" he isn't paying lowered. Yeah I picked a real winner... Just bringing up Nick going to his Dad's this weekend had him shaking his head violently "no". He may only be one but he understands and now I think he's mad with his father.
Ah well... Nick and I are great. All settled and loving it. We have a big living room. Nick can ride his "popper rider" all over it... and the rest of the house... as he does. LOL It's great though. Have a nice bath tub, Nick likes. And an adorable kitchen. My apartment is pretty cute. Perfect size for Nick and I. Well back to my movie.
24th-Mar-2006 07:17 pm - Father of Mine
You know what song Nick is singing now? Father Of Mine~EverclearCollapse ).
This makes the fourth weekend Dan hasn't gotten him... :(

Oh and my car went "capooey". Something is wrong with the alternator I guess. The belt broke. Luckily Kiel was with me(with his vehicle). It crapped out at the bowling alley in State College. So he drove it to Perkins, because the power steering/breaks went out from the alternator. I then called Mike and he came and helped us get it to his place, which Kiel drove to as well. This is all happening between 1:30am-1:30am, I mind you. A bunch of "dears" I swear. I appreciate the help a lot.
22nd-Mar-2006 07:55 pm - I'm Scared
I admit it. As excited as I am, I'm petrified. I going to be entirely on my own and I'm not even sure that I can really afford this place. I thought the state would help me out a lot more, but they won't. And the sad thing is the case worker had me believing that all I had to do was find a place and they would help me out all the way. Supposively they will once I'm in school, but I can't trust anything she says now.

Everything has a waiting list, even daycare. So what am I supposed to do? Who's going to watch Nick? I just know I'm going to be absolutely broke like all the time. If Dan pays child support I might be ok. Especially if they attatch his taxes and I get all of that back support. I could live off that until September rolls around and I am enrolled in school and hopefully that assistance kicks in as well as my case worker swears it will...

Oh I had my interview today and payed the admission fee. I have to call PV tomorrow and tell them to send my transcript to South Hills, then I have to take an enrollment test and I'm in. I'm excited about that too, but still scared. Atleast I know I have a home with mom, it's just too bad she's so far away from work and school...

I just keep taking deep breaths and telling myself everything is going to be ok. I hope it's true... I know it's all for the best. I think I NEED to experience living on my own, even it's just through the summer. And I KNOW going to school IS the best option for me. It's the only chance Nick and I have. I can do it. I can do it! I WILL do it!!!

Wish me luck,
12th-Mar-2006 08:52 am - Further Update
So Dan didn't get Nick last week, because he didn't want to deal with his nose. He didn't get him this week (first because he was sick then when Nick was well enough before the weekend started, he didn't have gas money). And now he has informed me that he's not getting him this weekend because he has a poker game. ...Oh but he's a perfect father figure. And to top off the night I found out that he apparently has been telling Billy and Celeste that I'm the reason they aren't getting Nick. This is pulled from Celeste's livejournal: Read MoreCollapse )
And then he told me to stay the fuck out of Celeste and Billy's lives. I am so sick of it. He's so immature and yet he's 35. I swear I'd rather see him rot in jail for even a day or two than see the 900 he owes me in back child support. Ha ha, maybe he'll rot in jail and still have to pay 900. I know he's not going to get out the 900 regardless. I'm setting up an appointment with Centre County Assistance, I know they we'll make him pay quicker than domestic is. The more they make him pay the less they have to help me, so you can bet they will do their damnest to get every cent out of him they can.
12th-Mar-2006 12:05 am(no subject)

Hottie Exchanging Arousing Touches and Hot, Erotic Recreation

Cheered me up a little... very little...
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