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~*~The Pixie Dreamer~*~
LIVE every moment, LAUGH every day, LOVE beyond words
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Eh, didn't have a very good day today. Just felt very frustrated the whole day, and then when I picked up Nick, I found out he didn't have a so good day either. I'm at my whits end with him. He's been up and down so much, more down than up. I fear there is never going to be a break from his behavior. We tried an out-patient therapy program at the school, weren't thrilled with that. We now have a TSS with him during the day and he participates in the after school therapy program. And this whole time we have had him seeing a psychologist. What more can we do? We've been very strict with him at home and have come up with some motivating rewards, but nothing seems to work, or at least not long enough or consistently.

On another note, I am loving being pregnant. It's been a pretty easy pregnancy so far. Very moderate pregnancy symptoms. My weight gain has been very minimal. So much so, that at a little over 16 weeks I was able to just buy some 5/6 pants (on a very awesome sale) and have them fit quite comfortably. I figure they will fit me until I can get back to my pre-pregnancy size after the baby is born.

A couple nights ago, the baby was moving around quite a bit. She/He has just started moving around, but it's very random and not as frequent. I put my hand over my belly and felt the baby glide right up against my hand. It was so amazing! Mike was laying beside me in bed, and I had him put him hand over my belly too. He said he felt a pressure against his hand too. I can't wait until we can start feeling the baby consistently and actual kicks.

We are really hoping the baby is a girl. We find out the gender in a little over 3 weeks. We are so excited! Mike just as much as me. We are looking at Dakota Michael if it's a boy and Abigail/Katilyn Elizabeth if it's a girl. Very undecided on a girl's name, though, and I feel like we are just settling on a boy's name because we are really hoping it's a girl. I suppose once we find out the sex we will make some more definite decisions, so it all could change.
16th-Jan-2011 10:16 pm - Time to Celebrate
My baby boy just had his 6th birthday party today. He'll officially turn six on Tuesday. It was a lot of fun and chaos. We decided to have it here at the house. Lots of games, and icing that turned the kids blue, and balloon animals. The kids had a great time, and even though I usually have Nick's party at some place like Slinky Action Zone or Fun Unleashed, Nick really enjoyed his birthday party. It was a transformers theme. We had over 40 people including 13 kids. A lot of people in my little house, but it all worked out.

Tomorrow Nick doesn't have school, and I have another baby appointment. We should be able to set a date for mid next month to have the ultrasound that determines the baby's gender. Mike will actually be able to make it to this appointment with me. He'll get to hear the heartbeat. I'm very excited to have him there. Now hopefully his work doesn't screw it over, as they often do. Since the appointment is at 8 a.m., Nick is staying at my sister's house visiting his cousin Leah.

Tomorrow afternoon Nick has a doctor's appointment to start the ADHD medication. This is going to be the most difficult and scary thing I have ever done.. I'm not too fond of medication, but I think we are the point to see if it's worth trying. His lack of attention and hyperactivity has gotten increasingly worse. Even worse, his behavior and defiance at school and even at home is terrible. I know that medication won't fix the latter, but hopefully it'll slow him down enough to listen to what we are saying. I just hope I'm doing the right thing.
12th-Jan-2011 08:40 pm - A Snowflake is Winter's Butterfly
What a hectic day. Nick ended up having a two hour delay for school, so I had to take him along to my doctor's appointment today. Ever try to take a 6 year old child diagnosed with ADHD to an appointment where they are expected to sit still and not talk? Not a fun experience.. He brought his DS to keep him busy, but that only helped so much. Oh well, it was pretty neat for him to see the baby and hear the heartbeat himself. Kind of made it more real for him, because he said to the US tech, "So Mom's really gonna have a baby?" :) The US tech even showed him the "blood flow" in the baby's umbilical cord, since he asked if all the white stuff on the US was my blood.

So, after the appointment, which lasted a good hour and a half, I had to take Nick to school. Then I got stopped by Nick's teacher to discuss his behavior and give me her notes and stopped by the principal just to see some books she recommended. So I had to submit half a day off. By the time I made it into work it was nearly noon. Just in time for my best friend and co-worker to have ordered us some Chinese food. Just what the pregnant woman was craving. :)

The afternoon went by fast as I fixed defects for the latest release of our product. Side-note: I am a software engineer at Schoolwires, Inc. which happens to be a wonderful, family-oriented company that creates software that K-12 schools use, particularly, our main product, Centricity, which is the software schools use to create and manage their website. It's a wonderful feeling to create a product that I see being used first hand. A product that really means something.

Ended up running some errands after work and then had dinner out with my boys. Now sitting around, relaxing for the remainder of the evening watch A-Team and updating my blog, facebook, and website.
11th-Jan-2011 09:51 pm - An Hourglass of Time
It's been awhile since I have posted in this blog. Obviously a lot has changed, hopefully my grammar and the things I find worth sharing. I won't delete any of my hideous posts, as they are a part of me and my growth, but please avoid reading them..

Well, where to begin..

I am a software engineer at Schoolwires, Inc. I have a dear little boy who is about to celebrate his 6th birthday. I'm married to a wonderful man and we are expecting our second child in July. Yup, just summed up my life in three sentences. Ah well, I'll try not to make all my posts so boring. In fact, I tend to make them lengthy and rambling. I'm trying to work on this.

On to more what I plan to talk about in these posts, my random, seemingly boring life. I'm starting my second trimester, and I am more than ready for it. Although, this pregnancy hasn't been near as bad as it was with my son. I spent most of my first trimester and well into my second throwing up.. every day, all day. I already got to see my little babe because he/she was being contrary and they couldn't find the heart beat, now tomorrow I get to see him/her again for the first trimester screening. Super excited!

We just got hit with the first snow storm of the winter/year, but I doubt it'll cancel or delay anything. At least I hope not, since I'd rather go into work since my doctor's office is closer to work, and I can't do that if my son is home from school, plus I don't want to take him to the doctor's appointment. Guess we'll see tomorrow. I'm sure it's all good.

Welp.. That's enough for this post. Hopefully more to come, although I'm really bad with remembering to update blogs. Mainly because I hate my own writing, but I'd like to work on it.
21st-May-2006 11:39 am - Update
Well let's see... I'm enrolled at South Hills and start school on August 31. YAY!! I'm studying alot so that when I enter into the school "atmosphere" again, I should be on the same level. I mean it has been nearly three years since I've been in school. I also want to take a few tests before I start to test out of a few classes that I already know. Nick and I are doing really well. Things are really falling into their respective places. It does help that I have this new attitude about life that really helps a lot. Even if something should go wrong I just look at it as a challenge and learning experience. When I tackle a problem, it doesn't really feel like a problem but rather an objective. And I can deal with that. :) I like to learn.
17th-May-2006 05:54 pm - I love my son!
I can't even begin to express how much I love my son. Today he had us both giggling over a fit of hiccups. I've never wanted to not get rid of hiccups until today. He thought it was the greatest thing. I love his expressions too. My favorite one is when he crinkles his eyebrows and gives me that, "what the fuck" look. It's hilarious. I call it his "mean look". Ha ha..
Oh and his new favorite word is beh-bee(baby). This is because of his girlfriend Paige apparently. Because she's a "baby" and he wants to see her. So cute. I can't believe how big Nick is getting. I swear I just woke up and he was a toddler. I'm like, "where's MY baby?" I love it, though, when he wraps his arms around me and gives me these huge hugs. My son is so great! ^_^
14th-May-2006 04:51 pm - Added Links
I added links to the side bar of my livejournal. Just some links to my photo albums.
10th-May-2006 10:15 pm - All grown up...
Nick is getting so big and smart. Well he's always been smart. I'm trying to find some bed rails so I can turn Nick's bed into a Toddler bed and my sister said that I shouldn't just yet because he's too little. She was like, "he doesn't even go to bed when he's told to" and I responded with, "he goes to bed when he supposed to and I don't even have to tell him." Anyways, I did break down and buy him his Spiderman bed set. He now has a real pillow. It's so cute, his bed looks all grown up, lol.
I was going to wait until I got something from the child support, but who knows if I'll ever see that. I haven't seen a dime of any of the money I'm supposed to get.
Nick had a date today with Paige. He's so grown up, first a toddler bed and now dates... blah... what am I to do? He's so precious though. This evening he curled up beside me on the couch and slowly inched his way onto my lap. And he just sat there cuddling up to me and fell asleep. Well half way asleep, he was still mumbling, when I decided to put him to bed. It was too cute. ^_^
Anyways I just had to share...
4th-May-2006 12:10 pm - My Nicky
My Nicky...
He's so talkative. It's great. Some things he says are actually understandable. My favorite is "mom", "momma", "mommy", obviously. But he'll wake up from his nap and if I don't get him out of his crib right away, he'll start yelling, "mom." It's great! He's so smart. Drives me crazy sometimes, though. He'll turn the tv off on me, or try to stick cds into the dvd player(even if there's already a disc in there). He also likes to pick up and throw everything into the garbage can. Worse he'll sometimes take stuff back out of the garbage can.
He likes to blow kisses. He copies everything I do, and loves it even more when I copy him. He'll give your real hugs and kisses(open mouth of course). He usually likes to give you kisses on the lips and will try to hunt out your mouth if you should offer your cheek. He'll take you by the hand and guide you to the things he wants. Or to the door because he wants to go out and play. He'll take your hand and have you do things. He likes to run his finger across his lip to make sounds and he'll take your hand to make you do it to him too.. or to yourself.
He has the cutest expressions and the most adorable(sometimes mischievous) laugh. He loves to ride his tricycle and quad, especially outside. He really loves tractor rides. He loves to be read to, but he also likes to read you stories. He loves cars.. or "vrooms" as he calls them.
He's growing up so fast and I love every moment spent with him. Even if he drives me a little crazy. :)
3rd-May-2006 10:20 am - Interesting...
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