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~*~The Pixie Dreamer~*~
LIVE every moment, LAUGH every day, LOVE beyond words
21st-May-2006 11:39 am
Well let's see... I'm enrolled at South Hills and start school on August 31. YAY!! I'm studying alot so that when I enter into the school "atmosphere" again, I should be on the same level. I mean it has been nearly three years since I've been in school. I also want to take a few tests before I start to test out of a few classes that I already know. Nick and I are doing really well. Things are really falling into their respective places. It does help that I have this new attitude about life that really helps a lot. Even if something should go wrong I just look at it as a challenge and learning experience. When I tackle a problem, it doesn't really feel like a problem but rather an objective. And I can deal with that. :) I like to learn.
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