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~*~The Pixie Dreamer~*~
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A Snowflake is Winter's Butterfly 
12th-Jan-2011 08:40 pm
What a hectic day. Nick ended up having a two hour delay for school, so I had to take him along to my doctor's appointment today. Ever try to take a 6 year old child diagnosed with ADHD to an appointment where they are expected to sit still and not talk? Not a fun experience.. He brought his DS to keep him busy, but that only helped so much. Oh well, it was pretty neat for him to see the baby and hear the heartbeat himself. Kind of made it more real for him, because he said to the US tech, "So Mom's really gonna have a baby?" :) The US tech even showed him the "blood flow" in the baby's umbilical cord, since he asked if all the white stuff on the US was my blood.

So, after the appointment, which lasted a good hour and a half, I had to take Nick to school. Then I got stopped by Nick's teacher to discuss his behavior and give me her notes and stopped by the principal just to see some books she recommended. So I had to submit half a day off. By the time I made it into work it was nearly noon. Just in time for my best friend and co-worker to have ordered us some Chinese food. Just what the pregnant woman was craving. :)

The afternoon went by fast as I fixed defects for the latest release of our product. Side-note: I am a software engineer at Schoolwires, Inc. which happens to be a wonderful, family-oriented company that creates software that K-12 schools use, particularly, our main product, Centricity, which is the software schools use to create and manage their website. It's a wonderful feeling to create a product that I see being used first hand. A product that really means something.

Ended up running some errands after work and then had dinner out with my boys. Now sitting around, relaxing for the remainder of the evening watch A-Team and updating my blog, facebook, and website.
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