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~*~The Pixie Dreamer~*~
LIVE every moment, LAUGH every day, LOVE beyond words
A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 
4th-Feb-2011 07:52 pm
Eh, didn't have a very good day today. Just felt very frustrated the whole day, and then when I picked up Nick, I found out he didn't have a so good day either. I'm at my whits end with him. He's been up and down so much, more down than up. I fear there is never going to be a break from his behavior. We tried an out-patient therapy program at the school, weren't thrilled with that. We now have a TSS with him during the day and he participates in the after school therapy program. And this whole time we have had him seeing a psychologist. What more can we do? We've been very strict with him at home and have come up with some motivating rewards, but nothing seems to work, or at least not long enough or consistently.

On another note, I am loving being pregnant. It's been a pretty easy pregnancy so far. Very moderate pregnancy symptoms. My weight gain has been very minimal. So much so, that at a little over 16 weeks I was able to just buy some 5/6 pants (on a very awesome sale) and have them fit quite comfortably. I figure they will fit me until I can get back to my pre-pregnancy size after the baby is born.

A couple nights ago, the baby was moving around quite a bit. She/He has just started moving around, but it's very random and not as frequent. I put my hand over my belly and felt the baby glide right up against my hand. It was so amazing! Mike was laying beside me in bed, and I had him put him hand over my belly too. He said he felt a pressure against his hand too. I can't wait until we can start feeling the baby consistently and actual kicks.

We are really hoping the baby is a girl. We find out the gender in a little over 3 weeks. We are so excited! Mike just as much as me. We are looking at Dakota Michael if it's a boy and Abigail/Katilyn Elizabeth if it's a girl. Very undecided on a girl's name, though, and I feel like we are just settling on a boy's name because we are really hoping it's a girl. I suppose once we find out the sex we will make some more definite decisions, so it all could change.
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